Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Turning 42 - Part 1

When I was 13 old, and I had just arrived in Denmark in the autumn of 1991, I went to a library, and at that library I found a book called what is the Danish equivalent of "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy".

I laughed. I cried of laughter. And I needed it, because I hated being a Norwegian in Denmark. I needed to feel like there was a larger world out there, of things to explore. The book, the book series, they helped me to end up deciding for myself: "I will within a year be better at Danish than the Danes!", and a year after, I in fact did score better than most in my class in Danish writing. Ok, I was a pretty nerdy teenager, and I guess that's part of the point here.

In the book, the number 42 had special meaning. 42 - the number that is the answer to all questions. Any question? 42!

I loved that simplicity, even though I knew that even in comical books, this does not make sense. And it made sense exactly because it did NOT make sense.

On Sunday this week, I turn 42.

This, to me, is bigger than turning 18, 21, 25, 30, 40, 50 or even 100 if I get that far. 42 is it.

I had planned to celebrate my birthday two times; once in London on Thursday, and then home in Oslo on Saturday. But because of this COVID-19 craze that is making so many of us just stay at home and look at the wall, or screens, or the same faces in the house; well, there is no celebrations. I am doing a small fund-raiser for 5 Yazidi families who are living in a camp for internally displaced people in Iraq, but hey, that's for my Norwegian audience, and well, that's just a part of my celebratory cycle.


That a number is the answer to everything is as random as a single god, religion, moral compass, ideology or randomized dice is the answer. And just because it is so random, so bizarre, it is something I cling to, and all through these years since I was 13 years old in 1991; gosh that is almost 29 years ago, a few months away; , ; well, the points is that the fact that it makes so little sense is what gives me hope, and laughter, and a firm belief that, 42. Yes, 42.

About blogging
I started blogging in 2000, on livejournal. I used a random name for my first blog there. And in 2001 i deleted that blog, and started a new one, using the name Ehich. Ehich; which ich; the dental and the guttural, all in one.

In 2002, I started blogging on Taking IT Global, and then in 2004 I went to movable type, and then in 2005 to Wordpress. I also did a lot of vlogging, and I belong to the group of people who call ourselves "pre-youtube vloggers", as if it is a badge of honor. Perhaps it is.

Anyway, the point is blogging. I rarely blog these days, or post videos on a blog. But since I turn 42 this week, and 523562342 is a number that ends with 42, I may just as well use this as an aside; a space next to the other spaces, a place to ... what? Well, go with the flow. Stream of consciousness. Take things where my mind take it, or me, or me it, hmm.

Part 1, is merely an introduction. And I wonder if there will be a part 2. We will see. At least, with this blogger blog, I don't need to worry about domain names, or technology going strange places.

Did I miss blogging those years when I did not? No, not really. Not at all. I missed sometimes the routine, the writing process, writing those thousands of blog entries over the years, or posting all those videos. But I did not miss the rest. I did not miss the feeling that I had suddenly spent over an hour writing some mindless blog entry.

that's half-way to 84. So, when I am 84, I may be able to write a lost update to this space, or another space; double 42, double the answer to all questions. Double the juice.

It is Tuesday today. It is 20:26 CET while I write this. And I hit publish any second now, throwing this message in a bottle out there.

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  1. Boo... Just by random I stumbled on this post. I don't even know how. I think I saw your name on some blog post and clicked on it amd it took me to your blogger profile which then took me here.

    Hope everything is well! Evilvlog and the video blogging world seems like such a lifetime ago. I too am now 42. Or am I 43 lol. My birthday was mar 3rd. Anyway, i should receive your comment if you reply here.